High-tech components for caravans

Whether you want to do with the caravan only vacation or use it in everyday life: With the frame components of AL-KO Always on the right. For 80 years developing and producing AL-KO now already products that satisfy with sophisticated, mature technology, the needs of all customers

Safety and quality are two of the key points of the AL-KO philosophy that comes in the company slogan Quality for Life expresses. long life quality a lifetime - to re-enter the product promise which drives all AL-KO employees every day the best. For you, our customers.

This constant striving for quality, for innovation, for improvement in all areas has now been honored: The AL-KO KOBER GMBH received by a panel led by former Baden-Württemberg Prime Minister and later successful manager Lothar Späth entitled "Top 100" as one of the hundred leading German medium-sized companies. The explanatory memorandum states that "A special climate of innovation and continuously improved innovation processes characterize the company. Anyone can contribute his proposals. The staff of special
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