Luimoto has been producing exclusive seat covers for almost all current motorcycles for years. These are handmade in Canada and give each bike a distinctive look.
The use of computer-aided design and cutting processes ensures consistently high-quality quality. The shape of the Luimoto covers is taken from the original covers. Thus a very good pass accuracy is given.
With the more than 1500 different covers, which Luimoto has standard in the program should be for each motorcyclist the appropriate design to be found. Should special customer wishes nevertheless arise, the possibility exists to adapt the designs in color to the wishes of the customer. Logopatches or embroidery are also possible for a surcharge.
The weather-resistant materials used, such as carbon fiber vinyl, suede leather, aluminum or sports vinyl, ensure a pleasant feel and appeal through their optics and functionality.
The covers are designed in such a way that they can be installed by the customer himself with few tools in place of the original seat cover. It is not absolutely necessary to obtain this by trained staff.
In addition to the seat covers, Luimoto developed the GoldGel pads, which are placed under the seat cover to provide increased seat comfort.
Whether you're an athlete, a tourer, a travel companion, a cruiser or an off-road bike, the GoldGel pads can be adapted to any type of seat and can also be used under the Luimoto seat covers.