Urban Accent /Mirror Covers

Urban Accent /Mirror Covers
Do mirror covers have left & right?

Yes. Covers do have left & right and it is important not to swap them. You can easily recognize left & right by placing the covers (mirror facing down) on a flat surface. The more linear side is represents the bottom while the more curved side is the top of the cover/mirror.

Do covers have sizes?

No, covers are ONE SIZE FITS ALL CAR, any make, any model.
Urban Accent covers are made of a special silicon-based material conferring the product a superior stretchability that makes it possible to adapt to any car.
Since car mirrors have different shapes and sizes, the styling will look different on any model, thus making it personal!
Keep in mind that, through the course of decades, car mirrors have dramatically changed in their size. Therefore, if your car is around 10 years old or more, it probably has a pretty small-sized mirrors. The cover is going to fit it as well but some gaps between the silicon cover and the mirror body could occur.
Also, be noted that, even if must of SUV and pick ups can easily fit these covers made for cars, some make/model has a more “truck-like” size which will not be fitting.

I have turn signals on the mirrors. Is the cover obscuring them?

No. The mirror cover does NOT reduce the strength of the turn signal.
Some car models have turn signals on the external rear side mirrors . In most of the cases the turn signal is also in the front light-group as well as on the front doors.
47Fifth SRL expressively refuses any responsibility with regard of a correct installation or usage of the car mirror covers with respect to the local Transportation regulation.
It is up to the end consumer to comply with the local regulation and he/she accepts to hold 47Fifth SRL harmless from any responsibility or claim associated with an unlawful usage of the mirror covers.

How long does it take to put the covers on my mirrors?

30 seconds or less.
It really is very easy and simple and you do not need any tool.
Simply stretch the cover holding from the hole and make it as wide as needed to go through the mirror all the way to the door, leaving the cover free falling.
Once the cover is all in, simply stretch it back over the mirror all the way through the edges.
The larger the mirror, the stronger the stretch effort you have to do. Keep in mimd that it is important to stretch the cover in any direction and starting from the center.
You can also check the tutorial video at www.urban-accent.com/instructions or on youtube.

How can I wash my cover to keep it clean?

Urban Accent covers are made of silicon-based material and can be washed with water or any non-abrasive detergent.
To longer the cover lifetime it is important to clean it on a routine basis with not salted water or not abrasive detergent.
During the winter season it is very possible that the Iodine (or other chemical agents) used to make roads safer deposit over the cover, as well as in ocean/costal locations.. Iodine has a corrosive effect through the course of the time. It is recommended to clean the mirror covers at least monthly

Do covers lose color with the passing of time?

The mirror covers are primarily made of silicon. Each cover goes through a stretch test as well a UV test.
A slight change in the brightness of the colors may occur if the cover is exposed on a frequent basis to temperature above 35C/95F degrees combined with high UV level