ADLER-shaped flattened Variator Kroll "High Ratio System

Cores for Variator front
This revolutionary new molded Variator Sheaves from Eagles have the following advantages over traditional roles:
the premature wear of the rollers and the resulting loss of speed of the scooter, the emergence of the "other tips" occurs immediately be avoided. The specific charge at the point of maximum wear of the new "High Ratio System" roles, is twenty times lower than with traditional loads.
Thanks to the special section of the "High Ratio System" roles extends the maximum ratio by 6-7% and the minimum reduced by 2-3%, these changes result in increased acceleration and a higher maximum speed.
Thanks to the coating of polished and calibrated carbon and the inner core of aluminum alloy, the product has excellent properties and great durability. If your motor scooter is equipped with a standard controller in good condition, a simple assembly of these roles, to increase the span of control automatically.
Available in the following dimensions / weights: